2019 Jewelry Trends Are Here!

a woman wear trendy rings

If fashion is your thing, you know how important it is to be on top of the latest styles. It may be early in 2019 but the hottest fashion trends are already making their way onto the scene. 2019 is sure to make its statement in the fashion world so if you want to be a part of it, then start shopping now!

What’s Trending?

Some of the best jewelry trends you’ll see in 2019 consist of bold statement pieces. This jewelry is meant to make you stand out and celebrate your style. What you’ll find in 2019 is that many of these statement pieces are earrings. Long, embellished, and asymmetrical pieces are currently trending. One style in particular are the asymmetrical hoops, which consist of large eighties-era hoops, usually paired with one smaller one. You can match these earrings with any outfit you want, whether it is a night dress or jeans.


Anklets are also making their way back onto the scene. These anklets, in contrast to the large statement jewelry, are often daintier pieces that are sure to make you feel more feminine. These are delicate and the perfect accessory to pair with shorts and flip-flops on a summery beach day. These are the perfect pieces to wear if your personality isn’t quite as bold as the statement pieces might require. They also look great with a summer dress or shorts.

Layered necklaces

Another trend sure to please is layered necklaces. While chokers were an established trend for the past couple of years, layered necklaces offer a tighter choker-type necklace with longer chains mixed in. These necklaces can be bold or simple. The simpler versions might be a couple of plain chains paired together while other bolder options might include embellishments.

Pinky rings and midi rings

For your hand, pinky rings and midi rings will prove popular. Midi rings sit just above the lower knuckle rather than all the way down and offer a daintier style than regular rings. They tend to be thinner and smaller and many can be interchanged with pinky rings, proving their versatility.

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