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Necklaces with key pendants are traditionally gifted on the 21st birthday. According to this custom, when a person turns 21st years old, he or she is considered old enough to be a key-holder to the family’s home. Although this is an old tradition, the symbolism of the 21st birthday continues. Both the Graduation and the 21st birthday are considered as ‘new beginnings’, and key pendants are very popular gifts in these milestone occasions.

Key necklaces for her

In Jewelry, the key pendant means that you have unlocked true love with that person, and you are the only key holder of her heart. This romantic significance gives the key necklace a magical allure.

If you want to strengthen the bond you share with her, give her a key necklace that she will wear close to her heart!

Check Solo Mio stunning Key Name Necklace. You can engrave her name in the pendant for a super personal touch.

Plating Gold key necklace or Dainty necklace?

Because key necklaces give an exquisite and delicate look to a woman, enhancing her overall beauty and charisma, Solo Mio key pendants are the perfect present, whether you want to gift your wife or fiancée for her birthday or anniversary. They work perfectly also for Valentine’s!

Explore our Heart and Key Necklace! You can engrave her name on the key stem and choose her birthstone to garnish the adorable heart bow.

Key pendant necklace

Necklaces with key pendants are powerful symbols of doors that open, new opportunities in life, new stories. If you want to celebrate any of these events with your loved one, get her our Initial Key necklace and surprise her in a big way! Engrave her initial on the key bow and choose her birthstone for the stem.

In Solo Mio we design our jewelry thinking about you and with this necklace, we know we nailed it! Enjoy it!