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8-12 DAY'S

Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated to share romantic deeds and expressions of love. Like Valentine’s, we want to stand out from the rest and surprise our loved one with a unique present. Traditionally, Sweetest Day gifts included candies, chocolate boxes, and greeting cards. With time this adorable celebration evolved, and the expressions of love adapted to everyone’s unique style and taste.

Solo Mio Necklaces

Explore Solo Mio state-of-the-art necklaces collection and stand out with a dazzling gift, that, of course, can be accompanied by a chocolate heart-shaped box. Our Heart Necklace with Birthstone or the 2 Piece Puzzle Necklace is the ultimate Sweetest Day gifts for your girlfriend that you can give as a surprise with an invitation to her much-loved restaurant or venue.

Solo Mio Bracelets

Bracelets are always a great idea for a girlfriend, and you can add a romantic greeting card she will adore. Our bracelet collection is full of gorgeous Swarovski stones and birthstones that you can personalize exactly as you want. Check our Cut Out Name Bangle or the super sweet Initial Heart Link Bracelet.

Solo Mio Rings

You had been dating for a couple of months but still not ready for the engagement? This Sweetest Day ring gift will be an advance of the wonderful life you will have together. Discover Solo Mio amazing personalized art rings with engravings and birthstones like the Engraved Flower Ring with Birthstone or the Big Heart Ring with Birthstone. Add a bouquet of flowers and you are all set!

You do not have to wait for Valentine’s to declare your love anymore!! Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of October and although it is not a national holiday, you will have another opportunity to indulge and pamper her with our jewelry. Celebrate romance and affection! Remember that love always finds the way!