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As a symbol of love and romance, our heart-shaped jewelry makes the perfect gift to represent friendship, devotion, affection, and romantic and enduring love.

The creation of the heart shape to signify love was first reported at the end of the Middle Ages. It gained popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries and became widely used in jewelry design throughout the subsequent centuries.

Heart Jewelry for Mom

What can better represent the love we feel for our Mom than heart jewelry for moms? Explore our Combined Double Hearts Necklace with Kids and the Mother and Baby Hands in Heart Necklace, both pieces are high quality and custom made in Italy, they include the selection of amazing Swarovski birthstones, for a personal and colorful touch.

If your Mom loves showing off her kids, gift her this adorable LOVE Mom Necklace with Kids.

Heart Jewelry for her

If you want to buy her a gift that she will never forget, but it will also represent your commitment to the bond you two share, get her a Heart Initial Earrings or the Circle Dangle Earrings with Initial A-Z.

If she loves bracelets, she will adore our Heart bead Name Bracelet and, of course, the Heart link Name Bracelet! You can engrave her name on the heart pendant and choose her favorite metal.

Best Heart Jewelry ideas

It doesn’t matter if you want to surprise her for Valentine’s, her birthday, an anniversary, or just because! With Solo Mio, you know you are buying only the best!

Women are emotionally attached to rings since immemorial times. Get her one of our sophisticated pieces and she won’t take it off!

Check our Double Birthstone Inlay Ring and the Engraved Flower Ring with Birthstone, perfect jewels for a fashionista.

Hearts speak of endurance, everlasting devotion, true affection, and are full of symbolism that recalls the poetry of love. Buy Solo Mio Jewelry, because ‘the heart has its reasons…