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Birthstones are traditionally known to bring luck. For some people, wearing a birthstone can help to provide inner strength and guidance through difficult times. They can also make an eye-catching fashion statement and, although they are classic they offer beauty and color. Birthstones in jewelry are the perfect match fo fit with any outfit. If you want to stand out for your style, get a birthstone jewel from Solo Mio!

Birthstones jewelry ideas for moms

Jewelry with birthstones makes great presents for moms. There is nothing more personal than wearing a jewel with the stone of the month she was born.

Because each month has its birthstone, check the following list to know the meaning of each one:

JanuaryGarnet devotion, loyalty, and friendship

February – Amethysttranquility, peace, and relaxation.

March – Aquamarine  – well-being and beauty

April  – Diamondlove and passion

MayEmeraldfidelity, and devotion

June – Pearl  – beauty and peace

JulyRuby firmness, durability, and trust

AugustPeridot  – protection, security, and dignity

SeptemberSapphirehonesty and loyalty

OctoberOpalendless love

NovemberCitrine desire, health, and loyalty

December – Blue Topazcompassion and intelligence

Now that you know their meaning, check Solo Mio’s Vertical Baby Feet Necklace with Birthstones, the Family Mama Bear Bar Necklace, and the Intertwined 3 Hearts Name Necklace with Birthstones.  

Trust in Solo Mio Mothers’ Jewelry with birthstones gift ideas.

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