Collections Inspiration

Collections Inspiration


Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence are the most iconic cities in the Italian tradition. Those cities gave us the main inspiration in the design of our collections. Every collection has a unique style and touch. Every jewel is inspired by one of the iconic monuments in those cities. You can tell your story on every jewel and modify the color of the metal or the stones. 

Rome Collection

Rome, the city that you can’t miss! both the Size and luxurious look make it an item you can’t miss. Those characteristics come to life in our Rome collection with jewelry that have presence, which will make you the highlight of every place you’ll go to.

Milan Collection



Milan, the worlds’ fashion capital, gave us the inspiration for a clean and delicate line of jewelry. The jewelry in this collection were designed to give you a fine touch with a unique look and glossiness. ‘Be there with style’ – this is The Milan Collection moto.

Venice Collection


Venice, the most glamorous and romantic city in the world gave us the inspiration to the colorful Collection of Solo Mio. The jewelry in this collection are characterized with sparkling stones and birthstones. One look at the jewelry of the collection will give you the felling of joy and happiness.

Florence Collection



Florence, the city of the Philosophers and the Renaissance, gave us the inspiration to this unique line of jewelry. The inspiration reflects to Letters and Names as The Base core of the jewelry. The Florence collection will give you a classy look with an elegant touch.

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