Our Story

Our Story

The beautiful moments in our lives are those which we celebrate with our loved ones, we dress up nicely, eat good food, visit beautiful places and clearly – Wearing our best jewelry.

We are happy to help you to celebrate those moments, with Italian jewelry that suits any occasion and place, as a gift for yourself or your family and friends.

Just as it implies from our name Solo Mio – your jewelry will be just yours – one of a kind. Our  jewelry is personalized , so you will get the unique option to design your own ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings that nobody else has.

Our family has been manufacturing jewelry since 1955, we started with Authentic gold and Silver products, and over the years we wanted to meet our customers’ desire  at more affordable prices so we created gold-plated jewelry at the highest level possible.

The system of our website allows you to watch in real-time how your jewelry comes to life, so when you will get it delivered you will have no surprises. You can choose and see online your jewel with different combinations of metal, stones and engravings.

We use high-quality metals like Italian sterling silver 925, yellow gold plating or red gold plating and offer colorful Swarovski zirconia and Gemstones that will add chic to your jewelry. In addition, you will be able to engrave yours and your partner or your children’s names or initials on the jewelry.

Thank you for your time, enjoy our jewelry.

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